Frequently Used Problems
Below you will find the answers to our most frequently asked questions
1. Will the capsule damage my machine?
Our patented capsule design is more suitable for your coffee machine than disposable capsules, so it is 100% safe and will not damage your machine. Please rest assured to use it.
2. Is it necessary to align the capsule carefully when putting the capsule into the machine?
No, just put the capsule in your machine, just like any other capsule.
3. Do I need to remove dirt for the coffee machine?
Yes. Descale at least every 6 months or 200 cups. This helps to extend the service life of the machine and ensure that the brewing pressure is normal. Therefore, before you use the capsules, please descale your machine.
4. Can I use foil stickers and capsules to brew coffee?
You can also use it to brew coffee without losing the strong aroma of coffee, and the oil will be richer.
5. Will the use of metal capsules affect your health?
No, because our capsules are made of food-grade materials, they can be used with confidence.